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We help you to understand and identify value drivers and trends

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We enable benchmarks and trade-off decisions with other media channels

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We show you how to quantify impact on sponsorship

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We optimize and build your sponsorship portfolio

Discover some of our solutions

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Measurement framework

We always think ‘integration and embedding’ when creating solutions. We help you to implement a measurement framework that provides the necessary points in terms of data capturing, storage and reporting.

Vendor management

We acknowledge that data flows in from various sources. Thus, we employ a portfolio of trusted data providers leading their respective fields.

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Halo-effect measurement

We go beyond brand exposure and quantify the halo-effect of sponsorship on sales. With 30+ years of experience in the sponsoring evaluation space, we quantify the halo-effect to drive actionable insights.

Capabilites improvement

We offer a select number of courses on sponsorship evaluation, data & analytics, measurement frameworks and decision-making. We enable your internal teams to make quality decisions without external consultancy.

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Portfolio management

We envision an ecosystem of sponsorship self-service measurement tools contextualized by premium consultancy services. We enable brands to evaluate and optimize their properties portfolio.

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